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Claim Process When Not Harvesting A Crop

Jul 19, 2012

If you plan on doing anything other than harvesting an insured crop as grain, contact us right away.

Some producers in our area are beginning to chop corn for silage. Please check policy requirements before chopping:

Revenue policies – an appraisal should always be requested if the crop will not be harvested for grain. A loss cannot be paid (even a revenue loss) unless an appraisal was completed for corn not harvested as grain.

MPCI policies – for Actual Production History (APH) purposes, you may chop up to 50 percent (50%) of the acreage in a unit without getting an appraisal to determine the potential yield.

If less than 50 percent (50%) of the unit is chopped, we multiply the per acre yield from the harvested acreage times the planted acres for the entire unit.

All crops other than corn – will show a “zero” for the production for acreage not appraised for APH purposes before the crop is hayed, grazed, or chopped.


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