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Solutions Rang Home at 2016 GrowingOn Meetings

Mar 18, 2016

Heading into a year when the overall tone in agriculture is pretty negative, the focus of FCSAmerica’s GrowingOn® meetings was to provide producers with solutions to tight or negative cash flow situations.

Thirty-two meetings featuring Steve Johnson, farm and ag business management specialist with Iowa State University Extension, drew more than 6,550 attendees. The number of customers and other operators exceeded last year’s attendance by more than 300, setting a new record. The response to the problem-solving approach was overwhelmingly positive.

“Big thanks! Knowledge is power and you have the power!” one attendee declared.

“Answers for the Current Ag Cycle,” presented by local FCSAmerica leaders, shared ways to maximize revenue insurance guarantees and narrow the cash flow gap through crop insurance.  It then provided financial guidelines and demonstrated the value of controlling fixed costs. Click to view the Association’s PowerPoint.

In his “Solutions for Success” presentation, Steve presented three case studies based on actual FCSAmerica customers who were able to free up working capital by tapping equity and/or refinancing. As always, he also shared outlook for the year ahead, as well as marketing and crop insurance strategies. Click to access his audio PowerPoint.

For more information regarding crop insurance or GrowingOn content, contact your local FCSAmerica office or call 1-800-884-FARM.


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