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The FCSAmerica Crop Insurance Advantage

Every year, more producers choose Farm Credit Services of America for their crop insurance and it's easy to understand why:

Our crop insurance specialists are full-time. We spend every working day with crop insurance – it's all we do. You have too much at risk to settle for anyone less.

Our crop insurance specialists are highly trained. And receive ongoing training throughout the year. Crop insurance products and rules are continually changing. We understand the nuances and details of every crop insurance plan.

Our crop insurance specialists only sell crop insurance. We don't pretend to know every kind of insurance, but we sure understand crop insurance.

We use industry-leading, interactive crop insurance tools to help you understand the costs and risks of the plan you choose. We'll show you how different options impact cost and outcomes so if you ever have a crop insurance need, you won't have to question your crop insurance plan.

Crop insurance works at Farm Credit Services of America. Learn more by calling 800-884-FARM – or click here to schedule a no-obligation review.


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Key Crop Insurance Dates

April 29, 2019
Production History Due
Corn, Soybeans, & Spring Wheat

July 1, 2019
Premium Billing Date
Winter Wheat

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