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Early Thanksgiving This Year?

Oct 21, 2015

Some years, it seems the crop will never be put away. This is not one of them. Both soybean and corn harvest are ahead of normal, according to USDA’s National Ag Statistics Service (NASS). More than three quarters (77 percent) of the soybean crop has been harvested, against a five-year average of 68 percent for this week, and 59 percent of corn harvest is complete, five points ahead of average.

Minnesota, a state where producers often worry about early winter interfering with crops, is 97 percent finished with soybean harvest (average, 90 percent) and 58 percent finished with corn harvest (average 47 percent).

USDA left its corn condition ratings unchanged at 68 percent good/excellent and 10 percent poor/very poor. It didn’t report soybean ratings.

Winter wheat plantings, at 76 percent, are one point behind the five-year average and promise to be completed in timely manner. In Kansas, where final planting dates range from October 15 in the Northwest to November 15 in the southeast, planting is at 82 percent, compared with an average of 84 percent.

All in all, most farmers will be able to focus on family, food and football rather than field work this Thanksgiving.

Crop Insurance Deadlines

As noted, winter wheat final planting dates vary and are either past or not far off; consult your insurance agent if you need to.

Any fall planted acreage that is broadcast seeded and then incorporated is insurable, but only if you request an inspection within 72 hours after the final planting date or within 72 hours after incorporating the seed if planted during the late planting period. In addition, the insurance company must agree in writing that the acreage has a stand adequate to produce the yield used to determine your production guarantee. No coverage is available if an adequate stand is not established within 30 days of the end of the late planting period or within 30 days after the final planting date if no late planting period applies.

The deadline to report production and acres for wheat, rye and forage is November 16.

Report production for spring crops as soon as harvest is finished.

Harvest prices are lower than spring projected prices, possibly triggering indemnities on some revenue protection policies; contact your agent.


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