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Late Planting And Final Plant Dates

Apr 01, 2014

The late planting period begins the day after the final planting date for the insured crop and ends 20‐25 days after the final planting date for most spring-planted crops. The guarantee for each acre planted to the insured crop during the late planting period, will be reduced by one percent (1%) per day for each day planted after the final planting date. Late‐planted Millet will be reduced by three percent (3%) per day for days 11‐20. The premium for late‐planted coverage is the same as for acreage that was planted timely. Final plant dates for this area are:

Spring Wheat - May 5
Sugar Beets - May 20
Corn - May 25
Soybeans - June 15
Sunflowers - June 15
Dry Edible Beans - June 20
Millet - June 25

Contact the local FCSAmerica office or call 1-800-884-FARM for more information.


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