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A Few Harvest Reminders To Make Sure You Meet Policy Responsibilities

Aug 27, 2012

As harvest approaches, Farm Credit Services of America would like to remind you how important it is to comply with your policy requirements. 

  1. Notify us prior to destroying a crop, chopping for silage, or doing anything other than harvesting the crop.
  2. Contact us within 72 hours after discovering damage to report the potential loss and to protect your coverage.
  3. Keep production separate for each unit.  
  4. Mark scale tickets by unit, farm name, or reference number.  
  5. Follow the guidelines for commingling units in the SAME BIN and maintaining required records. 
  6. Report production right after harvest to update your APH and to check for a potential revenue loss. 
  7. Keep track of feed records as production is being fed before a final count is tallied and verified.


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