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Winter Wheat Almost a Third Planted

Sep 29, 2015

USDA’s Crop Progress report this week showed 97 percent of corn dented, right on average; 71 percent mature, a point behind average; and 18 percent harvested, five points behind average. Weather kept Iowa farmers from the field and they have only 5 percent combined, compared to a 14 percent average. Nebraska and South Dakota also are running behind, at 10 percent (16 average) and 7 percent (13 average) respectively. Corn condition is unchanged.

 Soybean leaf drop and harvest both are ahead of average at 74 percent and 21 percent respectively. Iowa’s harvest stands at 7 percent, compared to the average of 13 percent. Nebraska is close to average at 13 percent harvested and South Dakota is forging ahead at 23 percent.

Winter wheat is 31 percent planted, compared with 35 percent on average. Texas is lagging its 34 percent average by 10 points; Nebraska is 2 points ahead of average at 69 percent and South Dakota is leading the country at 72 percent. Only 7 percent of the acres in the 18 reported states have emerged, against an average of 11 percent.

Big Crop Insurance Date Looms

Sept. 30 marks the last interest-free day on spring crop premium bills. It also is the closing date for fall-planted crops and the new Margin Protection coverage for spring-planted corn and beans in Iowa and spring wheat in South Dakota. Wheat in some counties qualifies for Yield Exclusion, which shares the Sept. 30 deadline. Call your crop insurance specialist today if you haven’t yet discussed the impact of dropping certain poor-yield years.

In some counties, the final planting date for winter wheat and canola is not far off.


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